EGP Grade Reflective Sheeting

Engineering Grade Micro-Prismatic reflective sheeting is based on PMMA reflective film:
High coefficient of reflection, very good weather resistance; excellent for silk screen printing and lettering(cutting), tearable, good extensibility, and long service life.

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EGP Reflective Sheeting

  1. Brief Introduction:
  • Product name:EGP reflective film
  • Model: RE1800
  • Material:PC surface layer
  • Years of use Outdoor:5 years
  • Applicable temperature:-20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
  • Type Highlight type, seamless type
  • Appearance The outer surface of the product is smooth and clean, with no obvious scratches, bubbles and uneven color.
  • Standardroll sizes:22m*45.72m/roll
  • Total thickness 40C±1C
  • Film thickness 32C±1C
  • Release layer thickness 8C translucent release film


  1. Retro-Reflective:




  1. Packing:
  • Packing: Box size129cm*22cm*22cm
  • Net weight 21.50kg
  • Gross weight 90kg

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